Are You Buddies With Your Audience Yet?


Would you like us to help you with that? We engage with millions of people every day, running campaigns and dishing out content for our brand partners. In the process, we’ve picked loads of know-how on what makes people and brands click on Social Media. We have tons of data from our past campaigns that we mine to create effective Social Media campaigns for your brand. But hey, that’s what all agencies say right? So what makes us different?

For us, Social Marketing isn’t just a post or a video, it is a critical piece in an Integrated Marketing Mechanism. It is a crucial piece of a larger puzzle that has to connect to make media, strategy and creative come together for successful results. Choose Sevarth Digital Agency & Content Agency.


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Our Social Expertise Includes:

Social Media Management

Helping you navigate the ever-evolving, always changing social landscape, to tell better brand stories. Building a robust, end-to-end social media strategy and content that engages your audience with relevant and snackable content. Sevarth Digital Marketing  Company Never Disappoint The clients 

Online Reputation Management

Social media is unforgiving. One wrong move can trigger a sunami of backlash that will wipe out years o careful reputation building. That’s why Sevarth social media strategy is backed up by a robust ORM plan that listens, learns and reacts to steer conversations and engagement in the right direction for your brand.

Community Building

Brands that harness the power of online communities and empower them to be their mouth pieces clearly indicate that they care about their consumers. Today’s digital generation is highly opinionated and likes to be heard. Opening up opportunities for these digital natives to connect, converse and exchange ideas is very big part of our Social Media strategy.

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We Create strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between You and Your public's

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